Swimming caps were initially designed to protect your hair from chlorinated pool water and reduce the drag for competitive swimmers.  After years of research, now there are waterproof swim caps in the market, those help to keep your hair dry while swimming.

Some swim caps are designed with extra ear cups to make your swimming experience comfortable. It is not only the make or the sizing of these swimming caps that matters to the swimmer but also the kind of material that is used and whether it provides them protection under the water or not.

This is the main reason why swimmers who often takes to swimming underwater need to have a swim cap to avoid causing any damage to their hair under water.

Wet hair might not be an obstacle for the swimmers with small hair, but due to the damage they might undergo, it is important to keep them dry. Nowadays there are many swim cap brands available in the market but the problem is very few of them are good.

One more major challenge is buying original swim cap. Many shops and online websites are selling fake copies or replicas of big brands. So most of the time people end up buying fake swim cap.

To address this problem we have these detailed reviews of top 3 swim caps in the market along with authentic source to buy them. The interactive chart of caps below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what is the best swimming cap for your requirement and budget.

Top 3 Swimming Caps in 2018

Long Hair
Silicone Cap
Check It Out
Waterproof 3D
Swim Cap
for Long Hair
Check It Outswim cap that keep hair dry
Long Hair
Women Sport
Swim Cap
Check It Outwomen swim cap

Reviews of Best Swim Caps in the Market

Waterproof 3D Silicone Swim Cap

swim cap that keep hair dry
customer reviews
After years of research and reviewing hundreds of swimming caps we can say that This is the Best Silicone Swim Cap in the World. Swimming with this swim cap is altogether different experience.

Based on the overall rating, quality of material, size, and reputation of the maker, this premium silicone 3D swim cap is the best cap that anyone could own. It is also designed to hug the head to reduce drag securely. It can be stretched to more than double its original size.

Due to its high reputation, many replicas and fake copies of this caps are available in the market. If you want to buy original cap then buy it from Borkut.com(Click on above check out link or image.) Borkut is one of the most authentic sources to buy this swim cap. Currently, they are offering $10 Off On This Cap. Read a detailed review of this 3D swim cap here

Best Swim Caps For Long Hair

One of the major setbacks of swimming with your hair open is that it leaves the cuticles of your hair damaged and if you happen to have long and flow hairs then the chances of ending up with tattered and tangled hair post swimming are very high.

This is the reason why many people who have long hair prefer to not go for a swim, no matter how much they enjoy the activity. However, if one just decides to use swimming caps for hairs when swimming, they can save themselves from a great deal of trouble.

Premium Waterproof Swim Cap

premium Waterproof Silicone Swimming Cap
customer reviews
This cap comes with 100% money back guarantee. Yes, you read it right. It provides warmth and reduces drag. This cap is one of the highly rated swim caps. This cap kept your head and ears comfortable and warm.

If your budget is under $20 and still looking for premium quality waterproof swim cap then you can’t find better cap than this one. You can read the detailed review of this cap here.

Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap

long hair swim cap
customer reviews
If your budget is low and still you are looking for good quality swim cap for your long hair then you should buy this swim cap. It is specially designed for the swimmer having long hair. It is extremely comfortable.

You can wear it without pulling or snagging. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t pull your hair! Cost is also not much for this cap. So if you don’t want to spend more on your swim cap then close your eyes and buy this swim cap. This is the best low budget cap in the market right now! Read a detailed review of this cap here.

Best Swim Caps For Women

Wearing matching caps with your costumes creates a fashion statement and looks cool in beach or pool themed parties. Serious women athletes or recreational swimmers, all prefer to wear a swim cap as it prevents damage to their hair owing to prolonged chlorine and saltwater exposure.

Loose hair often comes in front of the eyes causing a hindrance to the swimmer. Hair should be securely tied inside the cap to enhance one’s swimming.

Premium Nylon Swim Cap for Women

women swim cap
customer reviewsThis is one of the most beautiful ladies swim cap in the market. Create a smashing fashion statement by wearing this beautiful swim cap featuring a flexible elastic design which makes it stand out from the rest.

It is great to protect color treated hair from harsh chemicals in the water and also from damaging sun rays. One spends oodles to protect and beautify your hair and hence protecting them from the pool water is a must.

This pretty cap can also be used as a shower/bathing cap. It can be easily stretched to fit the head of different sizes. The cap is soft, flexible and comes off easily without pulling your hair. The pretty design makes it apt for themed pool parties or beach parties and is quite a fashionable wear.

  1. Very soft and flexible.
  2. It looks great and fits any sized head.
  3. One of the most beautiful among all swim caps.
  4. Best to gift your dear ones.

A swim cap is must in all swimming pools to maintain the hygiene of the pool. Falling long hair of women swimmers here and there appeal to none hence it becomes our moral duty to protect the pools by wearing caps.

The swim cap protects the hair from damaging and from chlorine and hence every women swimmer should invest in good swim cap before going for a swim.

Best Latex Swim Caps

Ever since latex was invented or rather chanced upon, almost everything is being fashioned out of it. And rightly so because it is one of the most reliable materials out there.

So, it is no surprise something as common as swim caps are also made of latex. They require flexibility and the material’s ability to be intact in the water for long periods of time, both of which are qualities used to describe latex.

Latex swim caps are also very reasonably priced and they can last a really long time. There is hardly any concern for wear and tear as far as latex is concerned.

Swimmers are using these caps since 1920 but still, these are very popular and demanding swimming caps in the market. These caps are providing some exclusive features which can’t be replaced by other types of caps and this is one of the reasons behind the huge popularity of cap.

Speedo Flag Latex Caps

Speedo Flag Latex CapThis black Speedo cap comes with the American flag on the front side. These types of designs sometimes inspire swimmers to do their best.

Though its price is less, it looks little expensive for good customer feedback and latex material. We are still recommending this cap for its great look, nice flag print and tear resistant construction.

These caps are great options for seasonal use. We are not recommending these caps for daily uses because it is better to go with something more durable and long-lasting for your daily uses.

If you just want to try them for some time and looking for low budget caps then probably this is the best choice. You can also buy this inexpensive swim cap to try it for your vacation.

Hope this information helps you to understand advantages, disadvantages, and features of latex swimming caps. Have a fantastic day!

Best Silicone Swim Caps

These swimming caps are most advanced and best of the lot. They are a lot more durable when compared to caps made from other materials. They are usually better suited for swimmers with long hairs.

There is an adding of the thick layer because of which there are no wrinkles on it, which in fact reduces the drag resistance resulting in the increase of speed while swimming. These Silicone swimming caps fit properly, and it holds the hairs to the scalp properly, better than other swimming caps.

The only disadvantage of silicone caps is that they are a wee bit expensive than other swimming caps but then they are best suited for professional swimmers who have to swim daily for long hours. The other advantage is they come in the variety of colors and design; this helps you in identifying fellow swimmers and prevents you from bumping into them.

Speedo Elastomeric Silicone ‘Manga Mix’ Swim hat

Speedo Elastomeric Silicone capBeing made of hundred percent pure silicone, this pretty swim cap is absolutely latex free. It is way more drag resistant than any other material for swim caps. Also, the silicone make provides it with a snug free feeling, thereby keeping a swimmer absolutely comfortable while swimming. It allows zero passage of water into the covered area and is sure to protect your ears from water.

Silicone, as we know, is very skin friendly and doesn’t cause any allergies, like latex caps. Also, you won’t find it snagging to your hairs while wearing it. Its trendy design makes it perfect for the teenage swimmers.

These caps are known for their timeless durability, last longer than the latex and Lycra swimming caps. For girls, it does not be unkind and harsh on their hairs. The size is big enough to fit even adult swimmers.

It can be stretched to any extent and like many other swim caps; it is not stinky and smelly when worn or opened. The gorgeous print on the swim cap makes it especially preferred among the ladies of every age group.

Silicone caps are especially very good for long hairs as they don’t pull them off and make sure that the hair doesn’t come in contact with chlorine. For regular users, it’s a must-have.

Speedo Silicone Junior Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Junior Swim CapThis single colored silicone swim cap is specially meant for swimmers who swim on regular bases. Being a product made out of hundred percent silicone, it offers absolute resistance to drag and is very elastic too at the same time. The product comes in seven different and unique colors so as to meet the demands of every age group.

This shower cap comes with a manufacturer warranty of six months. The swim cap is specially designed for young swimmers and it comes in a ziplock pouch which can be used again to store it. The product is very lightweight and ensures zero discomforts while swimming.

The foremost quality of this silicone swim hat is it’s being snug free. It doesn’t get hold of one’s hair and can be easily worn and can be easily removed too. In other caps, the hair usually gets badly pulled and causes pain to children, especially to girls but that’s not the case with this swim cap.

It is absolutely snug proof. The swim cap fits very fine and doesn’t let any water enter a young kid’s ears. The quality of the product is very durable and even due to accidents; it cannot be torn or pulled apart. The shiny colors are a plus point for young swimmers.

The Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim hats (2 Pack)

Friendly Swede Silicone hatThe Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim caps are perfect for long-haired people, as the name suggests. It is made out of a very premium quality silicone which provides it maximum stretchability and longer durability.

The Swede best silicone swim caps have way more durability than the average latex swim caps and are suitable for usage by all age groups and genders- males, females, adults and children. Its size is universal and can easily hold longer hair too without pulling them apart.

This user-friendly shower cap comes with ergonomic earplugs which allow absolutely no passage of water into the ears. Being soft and made of premium quality, they are very easy to wear as well as remove after swimming.

They cause absolutely no damage to the hairs. Being made in a hydrodynamic, drag free design it enhances your swimming experience greatly and lets you be a pro at it.

The durability of the cap cannot be put to question as it comes with a six months manufacturer warranty. Talking of its appearance, the shower cap comes in very bright and sunny colors. The combos are very well formed by taking two shower caps of contrasting colors to meet the desires of the user.

Best Neoprene Swimming Caps

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is used in a lot of different applications. One of the most popular uses of neoprene is in the production of swimming equipment. Swim caps are increasingly being made out of neoprene.

The biggest reason for this is that neoprene is a very strong material. There is absolutely no chance of wear and tear when it comes to this material that’s why the popularity of neoprene caps increasing day by day. Despite daily usage in water and other hard conditions, the quality of the product remains intact.

Neoprene swim caps are famous for their ability to keep you warm in cold water. Degradation resistance is the best property of neoprene material. It is also known for its superb insulation against cold. Therefore neoprene is very demanding material in swimming outfits.

Neoprene swimming caps are much more durable and long lasting comparing to other types of swim caps. Let’s check the detailed reviews of 5 best neoprene swimming caps in the market.

Blueseventy Skull Cap

Blueseventy Skull CapThis is a highly rated cap in the market with very positive customer reviews. Almost all reviewers are satisfied with its ability to keep your head warm. Cap comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty. Yamamoto neoprene is used in this swim cap.

Though it is one of the most expensive swim caps in the market, its quality and durability deserve this. You can use this swim cap for years. If you are a regular cold water swimmer then you should buy this swim cap otherwise you can go with cheaper counterparts.

How to Find a Cap that Meets Your Needs

Let’s take a look at some important things you need to check in your next cap.

  1. Type of material: If you are looking to buy a durable and long lasting cap then you should not go with a latex material. Hats made of Neoprene are much more durable. So try to use silicone or neoprene caps for daily use.
  2. A frequency of use: It is also important to understand how frequently you will need it. If you need a hat for vacation only, then you can use latex cap which is less expensive. If you are looking to use that cap every day, then it is better to go with a silicone cap.
  3. Head size and length of hair: Some caps are specially designed for long hair or dreadlocks. Therefore if you have long hair, then you must check whether this cap is large enough or not. Lots of buyers complaint about the small size of the cap but we should not forget that caps are available in different sizes and shapes. So it is our responsibility to know which cap size is right for you.
  4. Cold water and warm water: If you are a cold water swimmer then you should buy neoprene swim cap. These caps are best for keeping you warm while swimming. If you are a warm water swimmer, then Lycra cap is one of the best options. Lycra helps to maintain the temperature.
  5. Wet or dry hair: If you like to keep your hair dry while swimming then you should buy either latex or silicone caps. Now a day there are some waterproof swim caps in the market which are not 100% waterproof, but they can help you to keep your hair dry. If you have small hair or you don’t have issues with wet hair, then you can check beautiful Lycra caps for you which are long-lasting.

So, understand your requirements and types of caps first. This will help you to find the perfect cap for you.


It will be a pity if a swimming enthusiast has to give up swimming just because they are afraid of having their hair ruined underwater.

For the best results, you ought to use these swim caps with the pins to keep them intact and free from slipping. Above swim caps are simple to use, easy to get across, very long lasting and come at a reasonable price too.

For the kind of endurance, concentration, and ease that is required for underwater swimming, these caps are just the thing. So go ahead and buy one of these swimming caps today itself!