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Best swim Fins Reviews

Swimming fins are another important form of swimming accessory that is very useful in improving the performance of a swimmer. Even though these are mostly used by professional swimmers, they are becoming more and more popular among the general populace too. Swimming as an exercise is an attractive activity nowadays and wearing a good pair… Read More »

Swimming Pool Rules

Being a good swimmer is not just about the technique and mastering different styles of swimming. It has also got a lot to do with how an individual behaves in a swimming pool and how many rules is he sternly following. There are many rules and regulations in place as far as swimming pools are… Read More »

Best Prescription Swimming Goggles Review

Clarity and vision are two most important things under water. Especially if you are snorkeling or diving then use of prescription swim goggles is must. It is not possible to do swimming related activities with spec. There is huge risk in entering into pool with contact lenses. It is very difficult to search your expensive… Read More »

Best Swimming Goggles Reviews (May. 2017)

Protective eyewear used during swimming are called swimming goggles. They work as protective glasses preventing dust, chemicals like chlorine and other such particles from entering the eyes. These are extensively used for skiing, mountaineering and such other sports too. Swim goggle is made of poly-carbonate lens, a plastic frame and a silicon or neoprene seal… Read More »

3 Best Swim Caps for Long Hair (Oct. 2017)

One of the major setbacks of swimming with your hair open is that it leaves the cuticles of your hair damaged and if you happen to have long and flow hairs then the chances of ending up with tattered and tangled hair post swimming are very high. This is the reason why many people who… Read More »

5 Best Swim Caps to Keep Hair Dry (Oct. 2017)

A swim cap is the best option to keep your hair dry while swimming but its performance depends on the way you used it and type of swim cap you are using. There are many types of swim caps serving different purposes like protecting long hair or cold water swimming. If you want to buy… Read More »

Extra Large Shower Caps

Shower caps have been here for a while now, but everyday we see new and seriously modified shower caps. The universal known fact that not only shower cap can be used to protect your hairs while you are bathing, but it can also save you a little fortune by helping you in various other things.… Read More »

Rubber Swimming Caps

Rubber swimming caps are basically a better processed counterpart of latex swimming caps. Rubber, as we know, is made up of synthesized latex. Rubber is a very elastic material. However, being thicker than the latex caps, the rubber swimming caps are not as elastic as the latex swimming caps. The thickness of this material makes… Read More »

Mesh Swim Cap Reviews

Mesh Swim Cap is basically made of a material which is made by knitting the threads of nylon into any irregular pattern. It is very spongy and is usually used in Japanese made swim suits and caps. It is used for the lining purpose and it dries up very fast. The mesh swimming caps are… Read More »

Cool Swim Cap Reviews

In this age of trends every thing should be trendy and cool. From designer wears to designer bedrooms everything, then why leave behind these stylish swim caps. In past few years the market has changed and you can find swim caps in hundreds of designs that are hugely popular among people of different age groups.… Read More »