Top 5 reasons : Why to Wear a Swim Cap

2-in-1 Reversible Wrinkle-Free Premium Silicone Swim CapWhen it comes to facing the waterfront, whether it is a closed and compact swimming pool or an open water source like a pond or lake, people tend to worry a bit as to what their hair might get exposed to when underwater.

This is one of the most important reason behind wearing a swim cap. It is needless to mention that most of the swimmers, whether the ones who pursue it as a sport or the ones who opt for it as a leisure, go for underwater swimming and not for breast strokes.

Cleaning the body of the chemicals it might be exposed to is still an easier task than getting the hair rid of those chemicals. Thus, the swimming caps come to our rescue here. Top 5 reasons to wear a swim cap which helps you while swimming are explained below along with 3 best swimming caps in the market.

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Chlorine and salt water

If you are pool swimmer then you are aware of different chemicals including chlorine which are used to keep pool water clean and safe. Chlorine affects the health of your hair. Especially if you are frequent swimmer then it may damage your hair. If you like to swim in open water or in sea water then salt in that water can also damage your hair. You can’t even predict the number of harmful chemicals which are present in sea water. Therefore swimming without a swimming cap under any type of water is big risk.
To avoid these types of risks it is necessary to used swim caps while swimming. It helps you to protect your hair from these chemicals.

Reduce Resistance and Increase Speed

You should not be surprise to know that swim cap makes you faster. This is one of the major reasons behind huge popularity of silicone swimming caps. Hair on your head creates drag at the time of swimming. This drag reduces the speed of swimmer. Caps made of silicone are used by almost all professional swimmers. Very smooth and round surface of these caps reduce the resistance and drag while swimming. It improves the performance of swimmer.
The amount of reduced drag and resistance is also depends on quality of cap. It is best to buy premium quality cap to take best possible advantage.

Dry Hair

Although No swim cap is a guarantee of keeping your hair 100% dry every time, proper use and selection of cap can help you to achieve this most of the time. Wet hair is big problem for swimmers with long hair. It takes hours to dry them again. Therefore some swimmers use two swim caps. Instead of choosing two caps, choosing cap with right size and right material can solve your problem. There are some silicone made waterproof swim caps available in the market which will help you to keep your hair dry. Selection of proper size is very important while buying these kinds of swim caps because if they don’t fit well then they can’t prevent water.

So buy waterproof swim cap to keep your hair dry but make sure size is very important to take advantage of this cap.

Keeping Long Hair Away from Face

Though this is very basic reason for using cap while swimming, it is really important. You can’t swim with hair on your face. Ladies swimmers generally have this problem. There are some long hair swim caps for women as well as men which are specially designed for this reason. Mostly these swim caps are stretchable and made of silicone material. So you can easily fit your long hair in the back of the cap. You can get these types of swim caps in very budget price.

Cold Water Swimming

Cold water swimming is not easy if you can’t keep yourself warm while swimming. Swim culture caps are specially designed for this purpose. These caps help you to keep warm while swimming in cold water. Therefore swimming under cold water without a cap can ruined your swimming experience.

Final Thought

These are top 5 reasons to wear a swim cap. So before buying any swimming cap tries to understand the reason first. Each swim cap is designed for specific reason and requirements. If you know why you need cap then only you can get the best for you. Have a great day!


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