Best Silicone Swim Caps

Silicone swim caps are the most lightweight and popularly used swim caps. They are preferred over the latex and Lycra swim caps due to their longer durability and lighter weight. After their origin there has been a boom in their sale and marketing.

Advantages of Silicone Swim Caps:

  1. They reduce more drag resistance than the usual other caps like those of latex and Lycra.
  2. They’re very light weight and make a swimmer feel comparatively comfortable in this head gear.
  3. Silicon, as we know, is known for its softness and lightness.
  4. Very suitable to be used by swimmers with long hairs, as it can easily accommodate them.
  5. Comes in bright and shiny colors and comes in pretty designs, courtesy to the silicone make.

Disadvantages of Silicone Swimming Caps:

  1. The silicone swimming caps are a bit more expensive than the other swim caps available in market, owing to their lightweight.
  2. They are a wee bit slippery and can cause a little discomfort.
  3. They are a little bit thicker than the latex and Lycra swim caps.

Speedo Elastomeric Silicone ‘Manga Mix’ Swim hat

Speedo Elastomeric Silicone capBeing made of hundred percent pure silicone, this pretty swim cap is absolutely latex free. It is way more drag resistant than any other material for swim caps. Also, the silicone make provides it with a snug free feeling, thereby keeping a swimmer absolutely comfortable while swimming. It allows zero passage of water into the covered area and is sure to protect your ears from water.

Silicone, as we know, is very skin friendly and doesn’t cause any allergies, like latex caps. Also, you won’t find it snagging to your hairs while wearing it. Its trendy design makes it perfect for the teenage swimmers. These caps are known for their timeless durability, last longer than the latex and Lycra swimming caps. For girls it does not be unkind and harsh on their hairs. The size is big enough to fit even adult swimmers. It can be stretched to any extent and like many other swim caps; it is not stinky and smelly when worn or opened. The gorgeous print on the swim cap makes it especially preferred among the ladies of every age group. Silicone caps are especially very good for long hairs as they don’t pull them off and make sure that the hair doesn’t come in contact with chlorine. For regular users, it’s a must have.


  1. Hygienic and non allergic.
  2. Comes with a beautiful and shiny print.
  3. Universal size to fit every age group.
  4. Does not snug to hair and causes no breakage.
  5. Smell free.
  6. Very elastic, can be easily spread.

Speedo Silicone Junior Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Junior Swim CapThis single colored silicone swim cap is specially meant for swimmers who swim on regular bases. Being a product made out of hundred percent silicone, it offers absolute resistance to drag and is very elastic too at the same time. The product comes in seven different and unique colors so as to meet the demands of every age group.

This shower cap comes with a manufacturer warranty of six months. The swim cap is specially designed for young swimmers and it comes in a zip lock pouch which can be used again to store it. The product is very lightweight and ensures zero discomfort while swimming. The foremost quality of this silicone swim hat is it’s being snug free. It doesn’t get hold of one’s hair and can be easily worn and can be easily removed too. In other caps, the hair usually gets badly pulled and causes pain to children, especially to girls but that’s not the case with this swim cap. It is absolutely snug proof. The swim cap fits very fine and doesn’t let any water enter a young kid’s ears. The quality of the product is very durable and even due to accidents; it cannot be torn or pulled apart. The shiny colors are a plus point for young swimmers.


  1. 100% silicone make, absolutely latex free.
  2. It is non allergic and water resistant.
  3. Mold proof.
  4. Does not snug to hair at all.
  5. Easy to put up and pull off.
  6. Comes in beautiful colors.
  7. Cheap and affordable.

The Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim hats (2 Pack)

Friendly Swede Silicone hatThe Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim caps are perfect for long haired people, as the name suggests. It is made out of a very premium quality silicone which provides it maximum stretch ability and longer durability. The Swede best silicone swim caps have way more durability than the average latex swim caps and are suitable for usage by all age groups and genders- males, females, adults and children. Its size is universal and can easily hold longer hair too without pulling them apart.

This user friendly shower cap comes with ergonomic ear plugs which allow absolutely no passage of water into the ears. Being soft and made of premium quality, they are very easy to wear as well as remove after swimming. They cause absolutely no damage to the hairs. Being made in a hydro dynamic, drag free design it enhances your swimming experience greatly and let’s you be a pro at it. The durability of the cap cannot be put to question as it comes with a six months manufacturer warranty. Talking of its appearance, the shower cap comes in very bright and sunny colors. The combos are very well formed by taking two shower caps of contrasting colors to meet the desires of the user.


  1. Premium quality silicone used in making.
  2. Suitable for every age group and gender.
  3. Comes with ergonomic ear plugs and hence is very safe.
  4. Comes with a combo of two beautiful colors.
  5. Ensures no damage to the hair.
  6. Drag resistant.

All these reviews prove one simple point, that silicone swim caps are the best kind of swimming caps for professional as well as seasonal swimmers. They provide you with hundred percent securities, drag resistance, don’t cause allergies and don’t snug to the user’s hair.

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