Best Shower Cap Reviews 2018

Shower caps are one of those everyday essentials that enable us get through our day without the hectic hair drying schedule. Why undergo the process of taking bath improperly just for the sake of preventing your hair from getting wet? Accept it or not, shower caps are a boon for those of us who prefer keeping their hairs dry for most of the days.

What is Shower Cap?

A shower cap is a hat used by women and men with long hair to protect their hair from water while bathing. Shower caps are also use to protect kid’s eyes from shampoo and soap water while bathing. There are many more uses of shower caps in our day to day life and you can read about them later in this article.

Shower hats are also known as bathing caps. Due to the tremendous demand of these hats, market is flooded with different types and brands of shower hats.

Diane Processing Cap review (100 pack)

Diane Processing Caps reviewsVery different from various other products of the same league, Diane Processing Caps come in the extra large size so as to meet the needs of every user. Unlike many other shower caps that tend to get torn from the sides, these shower caps come with sewn edges and sides so as to avoid any chances of exposure.

The caps are ideally suited for perming, coloring and conditioning as well. The price is cheap and affordable. The caps are of soft yet strong material and can be used more than once. In order to avoid the hassle of ordering the product time and again, 100 pieces of the caps are collected in one single package.


  1. Soft elastic instead of usual pins and clips.
  2. They are REUSABLE!
  3. The material is clear and light weight (only 0.12 ounces per cap)
  4. Extra large size to prevent the hassle of ordering different sizes for every member.
  5. A pack of hundred for one time buy.
  6. Well sewn from sides and edges, preventing leakage.

To add icing to the cake, the product has a very positive response from almost all the customers who’ve used it.

Disposable Plastic Shower Caps Review– Case of 100

Disposable Plastic Shower hat ReviewThe Disposable Plastic Shower Caps are the perfect buy for any ideal customer looking for a shower cap that has perfectly tight fitting elastic and comes without the normal pins and clips.

These shower caps come with dependable elastic that keeps hair held together at one place. The product can be relied on for various uses such as coloring and conditioning.

The material used is clear plastic and since it is manufactured from the Nobles Healthcare Product Solutions, one can be sure that these shower caps cause absolutely zero damage to the hairs.

Since it’s a onetime use product, it thereby comes in a package of 100 caps per pack. Each shower cap is packed separately in a pouch so as to avoid the problem of sorting one cap at a time and making it easy to use.


  1. Universal size fits all.
  2. One case comes with 100 shower caps.
  3. Perfect fit and dependable elastic.
  4. Each cap is packed separately.
  5. As comfortable as any of those shower caps used in hotels.
  6. Has professional pack sizing.
  7. Can be used for coloring as well.

These Disposable Plastic Shower Caps definitely elevate a person’s living standards and are easy to use as well. Give them a try.

Betty Dain Terry Lined Shower hat

Betty Dain Terry Lined Shower hatIn a world where everything shall be pleasing and a treat for the eyes to look at, why shall we not restyle even our shower caps? The elegant Terry Lined Shower Cap is all that comes to mind when you talk of a trendy, classy and elegant looking shower cap.

It is nothing like the usual basic plastic shower caps as it has a league of its own. With the Betty Dain Shower Caps, you need not feel uncomfortable if some uninvited guest lands at you home while you have this shower cap on because unlike the regular shower caps, the Betty Dain Terry Lined shower cap doesn’t expose your hair for others to see while it is soaked in conditioner or colored.

These elegant looking shower caps are not just beautiful but also very well stitched and hassle free, thereby making them easy to use. The product is very comfortable and the elastic is used in the nylon cloth to avoid it from tangling the hair.

Apart from the inner waterproof layer, this shower cap comes with an upper fabric layer which has safari spots printed on it. To make the experience even more unique for you, these shower caps come in various designs, prints and colors enabling you to choose a color and pattern that best suits you.


  1. Waterproof as well as mold resistant.
  2. Has a plush terry lining too.
  3. Over sized to fit thicker and longer hair.
  4. Comes in two different patterns.
  5. Design that is trendy, fashionable and elegant.
  6. Shiny nylon exterior makes it mold free.
  7. Suitable for hair oil masks, hair coloring and conditioning purposes too.

As the name suggests, these shower caps indeed are very stylish and quirky. Not only are they beautiful looking and edgy, they also are very comfortable and can we worn without any hassle of getting the hair tangled in the elastic. This shower cap, therefore is a must buy for the trendy people out there.

Diane 718 Processing Cap 30-Count

Diane 718 Processing Cap 30-CountTalking of daily use shower caps, the Diane 718 Processing Caps are by far the best rated and widely acclaimed shower hats.

If you’re one of those people who don’t need to use shower caps on daily basis but however you do need these caps every once in a while then this pack of 30 caps is just the product for you.

Buying the Diane 718 Processing Cap- pack of thirty saves you from the trouble of buying shower caps time and again from the local store. You’ll have plenty of them in store for the next time that you might need them.

What makes these shower caps even a better option is that they come in a universal size and a single size fits one and all. These shower caps are easy to use and can be used for various purposes such as coloring, deep conditioning and for the most basic need i.e. keeping your hairs from coming in contact with water.

The Diane 718 shower caps are also light weight as well as clear and the elastic is soft, keeping in mind the comfort of consumers. The other prominent features of a Diane 718 processing cap are mentioned underneath:


  1. Lightweight and soft. (0.3 ounces per cap only)
  2. Hassle free and easy usage.
  3. These shower caps are reusable.
  4. It is multi functional.
  5. It can be used for hair oil spa.
  6. Cheap and affordable.
  7. Comes in a universal size, one size fits all.
  8. A single pack contains 30 reusable shower caps.

The Diane 718 processing caps are more of an everyday essential. They are cheap, affordable, reusable, multi functional and comfortable. To add to their credits, they have been further rated as an excellent product by their users.

Goody Styling Essentials Bathing cap

Goody Styling Essentials Bathing cap reviewComing from the most renowned manufacturers of hair styling tools and kits, the Goody Styling Essentials Shower cap is an A- rated product which can be used for various hair-styling purposes.

Taking their legacy further, even this product from Goody is an excellent product that is trendy, comfortable and as good a shower cap as there can be.

This cap from Goody has all the basic qualities of a bathing cap and also various other qualities. For instance, this shower cap has a thing strip of rubber around the rim that keeps the water away, thus making it serve its purpose even better.

This cap is not terry lined and hence very comfortable to use. The Goody showering cap comes as a combo deal which has a pack of two with three caps in each pack.

The shower caps come in bright and elegant colors making them look further trendy and stylish. These caps are reusable and sturdy. These caps are perfect for anyone looking for a non troublesome shower hat. They are sturdy, durable, non lined and basic. They are also free sized and can easily hold large and dense hairs too.


  1. Very lightweight
  2. Perfect for styling purposes.
  3. Comes in beautiful and bright colors.
  4. One pack contains a set of three shower caps.
  5. Universal size that fits every one.
  6. Comes with a rubber strip at the rim that can hold back water.
  7. Can be washed in washing machines as they’re unlined.
  8. Comes from a reliable brand (Goody)

Goody’s shower hat is easily the most preferred cap since it comes from the most recognized hair styling products manufacturers. These bathing caps have all that a person can ask for. They are reusable, can be easily cleaned, comes in peppy colors, it is not terry lined and can easily fit anybody.

For those looking for a valuable product for their money, Goody Styling Essential Showering Caps are the best option to go for.

Why Bathing Caps are Needed?

We all know bathing daily is really important for living healthy life. Though bathing is good for us, women and men having long hair can face a huge problem of drying hair.

Drying long hair is very frustrating task. It can waste your few hours every day. Best solution for this problem is to avoid hair from getting wet. Below are three important reasons of using shower hats.

  1. Avoid water: Though there are many uses of bathing caps, one of the major need of shower cap is protecting long hair from chlorinated water when you are in a pool. If you are at home then these caps will help you to avoid water from your hair while showering.
  2. Protect baby’s eyes: Apart from the uses of an adult, shower caps are also used for bathing infants and dogs. These caps help in keeping shampoo lather away from the eyes of infants and dogs. In case of kids and animals, the shampoo can cause stingy and painful feeling in eyes which can further lead to damage of retina. There are specially designed shower caps for kids which used to protect their eyes from shampoo while washing their hair.
  3. Apart from showering, shower caps are also used to hold hair away from the eyes and skin when the hair is dyed since hair colors and dyes have chemicals that can render damage to skin and eyes.

Does Shower Cap have any Other uses too?

The above enlisted uses are the prominent and fundamental uses of shower caps, as the name ‘shower cap’ suggests but apart from those uses, people tend to have found various other innovative uses of shower caps according to their household needs. A few of them which are widely known have been enlisted below:

  1. Shoe Protector: Shower caps are widely used for holding shoes and other foot wears while journeys. By putting shoes in shower caps, one is able to avoid getting the mud and dirt from the shoes to the bag or other clothes. Especially if you are a frequent traveler then these caps can help you to cover your extra pair of shoes.
  2. Food Storage: Shower caps are used as covers for the food that is to be refrigerated, thereby preventing contamination. They are also used as tiny pouches for keeping snacks. Covering a bowls with these hats is becoming popular day by day.
  3. Frost Protector: During harsh winters, showers caps are used in colder regions of the world to cover up potted plants from frost and snowfall.
  4. Bicycle seat: You can easily cover your bicycle seat by these shower hats to protect it from rain. This is really useful if you don’t have seat cover.

How to Find Best Shower Caps?

Best place to find a shower caps is online shopping websites like Amazon. Because of the huge variety in type, price and brands, you can get what you really want to buy. You just need to decide your requirements and budget and select the appropriate cap for that.

One more advantage of buying these bathing caps online is that you can read the reviews of previous buyers. Yes, this is one of the major advantages of online shopping. You can read the experience of those people and decide whether you want it or not.

Types of Shower Caps

During the days of origination, shower caps came in just one pattern i.e. a layer of waterproof fabric film and were disposable. With the advancement of time and technology, there are new patterns and non disposable designs which are not just waterproof but also trendy looking and can be used for a longer time.


To say that shower caps are not an everyday essential would be an understatement. With the change in pH level of water worldwide due to pollution and other environmental issues, dermatologists advice not to let hairs come in contact with bath water almost every day.

Therefore, shower caps are the best preventive measure to take bath without letting the hair come in contact with water.

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