Best Neoprene Swim Caps Reviews

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is used in a lot of different applications. One of the most popular uses of neoprene is in the production of swimming equipments. Swim caps are increasingly being made out of neoprene. The biggest reason for this is that neoprene is a very strong material. There is absolutely no chance of wear and tear when it comes to this material that’s why popularity of neoprene caps increasing day by day. Despite daily usage in water and other hard conditions, the quality of the product remains intact.

Neoprene swim caps are famous for their ability to keep you warm in cold water. Degradation resistance is the best property of neoprene material. It is also known for its superb insulation against cold. Therefore neoprene is very demanding material in swimming outfits. Neoprene swimming caps are much more durable and long lasting comparing to other types of swim caps. Let’s check the detailed reviews of 5 best neoprene swimming caps in the market.

Blueseventy Skull Cap

Blueseventy Skull CapThis is a highly rated cap in the market with very positive customer reviews. Almost all reviewers are satisfied with its ability to keep your head warm. Cap comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. Yamamoto neoprene is used in this swim cap. Though it is one of the most expesive swim cap in the market, its quality and durability deserve this. You can use this swim cap for years. If you are a regular cold water swimmer then you should buy this swim cap otherwise you can go with cheaper counterparts.

Buyers Opinion

  1. Unlike top quality silicone swimming caps, it can’t prevent 100% water but does good job.
  2. Best for people who are swimming under 60F water.
  3. Quick delivery, comfortable and warm head are some of the key points of satisfaction.

Orca Neoprene Swim Cap

orca neoprene swim capThis famous neoprene cap is choice of lots of swimmers in cold areas. 90% neoprene material is used in this cap. It protects your ears and forehead from cold water. This is not as expensive as other neoprene caps in the market. So you can consider it as a budget neoprene cap which everyone can afford. One thing is missing here is that there is no manufacturer’s warranty given for this cap. This should not be a deal breaker because it is made of highly durable neoprene material. So most likely you won’t face any wear and tear problem while using this cap.

Buyers Opinion

  1. Most of the buyers told us that it is not 100% waterproof swimming cap but it does good job to keep you warm. But you can’t expect waterproof feature from neoprene caps, there is one simple solution for this problem, just buy one silicone cap and wear it under your neoprene cap.
  2. Many buyers told us that Fitting of this cap is really good and it is very comfortable. This is the best budget neoprene cap for cold water swimming.

O’Neill 2mm Neoprene Beanie

O'Neill 2mm Neoprene BeanieThis 2mm neoprene cap is next top quality cap on our list. As you know, buyers of our previous cap are complaining about no waterproof feature and if you are one of them then you should go with this cap. If you want to enjoy the waterproof feature of this cap then select the size very carefully. If your cap is bigger than your actual size then no swim cap in the world will help you to keep water outside. So carefully select the size and have more benefits.

Buyers Opinion

  1. Should use for cold weather.
  2. Good look and nice fitting.

Zoot Sports Men’s Swimfit Neoprene Cap

zoot sports mens neoprene capThis 2/3 mm neoprene cap is not a ladies swim cap. It is only for men so our ladies swimmers cap skip this review. Ratings and feedback are really good for this cap. It is ideal for swimmers in cold water. Its design is little different than our ordinary swim caps due to its chin straps. Its chin strap may break if use often and I think this is the only issue in this cap otherwise it is a great product and its buyers are happy.

Buyers Opinion

  1. Few buyers think it is little thinner but nice cap.
  2. Like every other neoprene cap, it is great for cold water.
  3. The chin strap is very comfortable and fitting is good.
  4. It is comparitively small so if you are looking for long hair swim cap then you should go with another cap.

Tyr Neoprene Swimming Cap

Tyr Neoprene Swim CapThis cap has average ratings from customers and a major reason behind these low ratings is the cap size. Most of the customers have complaints about cap size. Its small size is too small as compared to other caps. So if you are ordering this cap then keep in mind. There are positive reviews about its performance for keeping your head warm. Personally I am not recommending this cap as we have other good options available at same price.

Buyers Opinion

  1. It is only good for small head or child’s head.
  2. Really help me in feeling warmer.
  3. Worked well but even large cap is small for my head.

So after reading these reviews, you can decide which cap is good for your budget and requirements. Neoprene swim caps are little bit expensive but there is no better alternative when it comes to preventing your head and ear from cold. They are long lasting and durable so you can use these caps for a long time. Enjoy your swimming!

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