Swimming Techniques – Learn How to Swim

By | Dec 11, 2016

Basic swimming techniques are those techniques which one should learn soon after getting in the water. These techniques as a beginner will remove your fear of water and will help you stay afloat in the water without drowning. Only once you master these techniques can one learn the swimming strokes. Many a times, some teachers start with teaching the students directly from freestyle which leads to serious water fear in many and they quit in between.

A good teacher first and foremost introduces the love of being in deep water. A good teacher would introduce you to the world of swimming slowly and steadily. Once mastered, swimming is a passion, a stress buster and a great exercise to maintain weight. In many places, serious and competitive swim games are also conducted like pool throw ball, coin searching and so on. Competitive swimmers have mastered all the techniques before mastering the strokes.

Swimming Techniques

swimming techniques

  1. Getting comfortable in water
  2. Learn how to float
  3. Learning the flutter kick
  4. How to do the starfish float
  5. Learning the breast stroke kick
  6. Sculling water
  7. Treading Water
  8. Dog Paddle
  9. Elementary Back Stroke

Getting Comfortable in Water

This is the first basic step of swimming. One should like the feel of water and being fully inside a pool of water and enjoying the feel of it. Only enjoyment in the water and liking the feel can remove your fear of water and motivate you to learn swimming. If the water is too cold for your body temperature then you might not enjoy it at first but slowly the body gets used to it. You should also learn to stop breathing once your head is inside the water. This breathing orientation will later help you when you learn free stroke or breast stroke. And once you have mastered breathing orientation, you can do underwater swimming and play some fun games related to it.

Learn How to Float

Learning how to float in water upwards or backwards feels great and once you learn it you can take breaks while swimming long distances by simply keeping the body afloat. One thinks that without knowing swimming he would drown in the water but it is very easy to keep the body afloat without drowning as far as the lungs are filled with air. One needs to keep the body straight and remain steady while floating. It feels great to be able to float backwards in a pool and gaze at the sky. It’s a great stress buster and an amazing feeling when you hear the soft humming of the water in your ears.

Learning the Flutter Kick

Flutter kick is a kind of movement the legs do in a whipping motion when in water. One has to learn to do this technique in prone and supine position as a beginner. Later one learns to do this technique to tread forwards and do the dog paddle. This technique is used in freestyle and backstroke. One can never drown in water if you do the flutter kick constantly as it prevents the body from going down in the water owing to lack of movement.

How to Do the Starfish Float

This is a very simple technique in which one remains afloat on his back with this arms and legs spread resembling the form of a starfish. It gives a great feeling of being able to stay afloat above water and quietly gaze at the sky above. The soft hum of the water in your ears will distress you.

Learning the Breast Stroke Kick

A little tougher than the flutter kick, this technique is extensively used in the breast stroke. It is done to tread water and to swim the elementary backstroke.

Sculling Water

This one is a basic swim technique in which one floats with the head above water and in an upright position. The arms are extended sideways at shoulder level. One has to do quick sweeping movements of the arms to remain afloat. One also has to do the kicking movements of the legs synchronize with the arms to remain floating. This technique is used while one plays pool games or one is just having a good time in the company of friends and just wishes to remain afloat and being in a group.

Treading Water

This one is a great technique which lets the swimmer keep the body upright with the head above water and remaining afloat in the same position. This technique makes one feel as if he is standing in the water. Basically a combination of the flutter kick and sculling water, this one is very useful when you want to take a break from swimming at a stretch or you need to pause while swimming.

Dog Paddle

As the name suggests, this one gives the appearance of a dog movement. In this technique one has to keep the body upright with the head above the water. Basically one floats in a horizontal position and move forward. One does the flutter kick with the legs and and forward and downward paddle with the arms. This propels the body forward giving the look of a dog swimming.

Elementary Back Stroke

This technique is easy to learn once the person learns how to float on his back. This one uses and inverted backstroke kick and simple movements of both the arms moving synchronously for moving ahead.


Easy and fun, these basic swimming techniques are taught to beginners before they learn the swimming styles. It makes it easier for them to learn swimming expertly and immediately dispels their fear of water. All these techniques are used in some or the other swimming stroke and help make swimming a fun activity. Some of these are used extensively for recreation activities in the pool and while playing water sports like pool football or at times, one needs to remain in a conversation with friends in the pool so one has to remain afloat in an upright position. One needs to do the treading water and dog paddle while playing such games in the pool. Swimming is a great exercise and when done with expertise, it is very joyous.

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