Best Swim Caps For Women

Swimming caps form an essential part of swimming gear for women. They are fabricated from silicone, latex or Lycra material. This material enables the elasticity of the cap and it can be stretched to fit different head sizes and hair length. These are compulsory in various swimming arenas for various reasons. These reduce the drag in water caused by loose hair. Many high end brands like Speedo, Nike, Aquasphere, etc make the best in class swim caps for women.

Wearing matching caps with your costumes creates a fashion statement and looks cool in beach or pool themed parties. Serious women athletes or recreational swimmers, all prefer to wear a swim cap as it prevents damage to their hair owing to prolonged chlorine and salt water exposure. Loose hair often comes in front of the eyes causing a hindrance to the swimmer. Hair should be securely tied inside the cap to enhance one’s swimming.

Why Women Should Use Swim Caps

1. Hair on face

If you want to protect your face from your long hair while swimming then only options are either belt or cap to protect them. I will suggest you cap because it will not only protect your face but also help you in following issues.

2. Protecting from chlorine

Yes! This is one of the most important factors you should check before buying swim cap for you, your girlfriend or wife. Pool water has chlorine and it is not good for the health of your long and beautiful hairs. So most important priority is to protect them from chlorine in pool. So buy a swim cap which can protect your hairs from chlorine in a pool. I have listed reviews of some top and best-selling swim caps for women in this article so can check them also.

3. Protecting from sea water

If you are going for swimming on beach then this is for you! We all know sea water has quantity of salt and other elements in this. Some element in sea water can damage your hair. Therefore always use cap while enjoying swimming on beach.

4. Protecting ear ornaments  in sea water

Women preferred to wear ornaments in ear. Sometimes sea water or some other elements in pool cause damage to your costly ornaments. If you want to reduce the pain of removing them every time before entering into water then use some good caps which can protect them.

Reviews of Top Swimming Caps for Women

Swim culture cap

swim caps for girls

Many companies have tried to replicate and duplicate this product but only Swim Culture is able to manufacture these high quality silicone material caps that are durable and comfortable to wear. The cap has an ergonomic air pocket which keeps water at bay and hence there is no need to wear separate ear plugs. The ultra premium quality of AAA-grade silicone stretches to the maximum and can be removed and worn easily without pulling your hair strands.

This cap is odorless and non-toxic. The various colors available greatly benefit all as one can choose according to one’s color preference. The unique hydrodynamic wrinkle free design helps the cap stay intact without much maintenance. The brand also provides a life time warranty on the product. What more can one asks for! Swim culture caps are one of the highly rated swim caps on internet.

  1. Very light weighted and comfortable.
  2. Best cap to keep hair dry and protected from contaminated water or chlorine.
  3. Very high quality material in manufacturing.
  4. Swim without a drag and resistance.
  5. Excellent design with odorless and non-toxic.
  6. Best part is money back guarantee from manufacturer.
  7. Ultra durable and have best reviews so far.

White Floral Emboss Vintage Style Latex Swim Cap for women

swimming cap for girlCreate a smashing fashion statement by wearing this vintage style swim cap featuring a puffed floral embossed design which makes its stand out from the rest. It is great to protect color treated hair from harsh chemicals in the water and also from damaging sun rays. One spends oodles to protect and beautify your hair and hence protecting them from the pool water is a must.

This pretty cap can also be used as a shower/bathing cap. It can be easily stretched to fit the head of different sizes. The cap is soft and rubbery and comes off easily without pulling your hair. The pretty design makes it apt for themed pool parties or beach parties and is quite a fashionable wear.

  1. Very soft and rubbery.
  2. It looks great and fits any sized head.
  3. One of the most beautiful among all swim caps.
  4. Best to gift your dear ones.

White Multi Flowers Vintage Style Latex  Ladies Swim Cap

swimming caps for womenThe old world charm of this Luxury Divas swim cap cannot go unnoticed and is definitely an attention seeker. The Hollywood glamour quotient makes this cap a delightful buy. The bright flowers can be matched with a similar color costume making a bold style statement.
Made of latex, these caps are durable and long lasting. The high quality Latex material used in their making does not wear off even after repeated use. It is available in a free size which can be easily stretched to fit all head sizes. This cap is great to protect your gorgeous hair strands from harsh chemicals like chlorine or the damaging rays of the sun.

  1. Material used in this swim cap is Latex Rubber
  2. Old world charm mixed with Hollywood glamour makes this cap a delight.
  3. It is very beautiful vintage swim cap.
  4. Three flowers made of soft stretchy latex trim the left side.
  5. Best to protect color treated hair from damaging sun rays and chlorine.

Speedo Cosmic Explosion Silicone Swim Cap

swim caps for women

  1. Very Stretchable and latex free so don’t worry about allergic issues of latex.
  2. You can easily wear this silicone swimming cap on your hair.
  3. It is very good for long hairs and fitting is excellent.
  4. It’s best combination of fashion and performance.
  5. Its special design helps you to reduce the drag.
  6. One of the top selling swim caps for women.
  7. It is not very costly.

If you want best possible cap in reasonable price then this is for you. Go for this one!


  1. Wearing a swim cap helps to reduce the drag caused by loose hair.
  2. Serious competitors wear a snugly fit swim cap to prevent loose hair strands come in the front of their eyes and reducing their speed.
  3. Sometimes long and loose hair tangles around the neck creating a lot of hassle. A swim cap prevents such hair issues.
  4. Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals like chlorine in the water and salt water causes hair damage. A swim cap prevents hair from getting damaged.
  5. Hair fall happens in bundles and in turn contaminate the pool and the swimming arena. Wearing a swim cap prevents falling hair from polluting the place.
  6. The pool water also gets contaminated by exposure to dandruff and other scalp allergies which can be found in one’s head. A swim cap helps maintain the hygiene of the pool.
  7. Without a swim cap, one would be required to shampoo your hair every time resulting in hair damage. A swim cap keeps the hair inside dry and protected.


  1. As these are very tight, it’s a tad bit uncomfortable to wear them at all times.
  2. The tight cap when pulled and stretched around the head results in hair pulling and itching.
  3. Wearing them for long prevents circulation in the scalp resulting in itching.
  4. The material often sticks to itself or tears off in cheap quality swim caps.
  5. Swim caps have to be maintained periodically by exposing them to air else they get stuck.


A swim cap is must in all swimming pools to maintain the hygiene of the pool. Falling long hair of women swimmers here and there appeal to none hence it becomes our moral duty to protect the pools by wearing caps. Great designs from good brands can be mixed and matched with your costumes to help you create a stunning style statement. Your own hair would remain dry and you need not shampoo your hair every time after a swim. The swim cap protects the hair from damaging and from chlorine and hence every women swimmer should invest in good swim cap before going for a swim. Thank you!