Lycra swim cap reviews and buying guide

There are different types of swim caps based on material used in manufacturing. Though latex, silicone and neoprene swimming caps are very popular, Lycra swim caps have their own advantages. No swim cap is perfect. It depends on the requirements of buyers whether it will work or not. This detailed guide will help you to get the best cap for your swimming conditions and budget. First let’s see top 5 Lycra swim caps in the market.

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  1. Durable: Lycra swim caps are much more durable than any other type of swim caps. You can use these caps for a long time. The reason behind this durability is its ability to resist tear. Unlike other caps Lycra swim caps doesn’t tear at the time of wearing. Therefore if you are planning to buy swim cap for long term then Lycra cap is nice option.
  2. Neutral smell: Latex swim caps have odour problem. Sometimes this continuous smell leads to headache. It is very disturbing. Lycra caps don’t have this type of smell. These caps have neutral smell which is really helpful for swimmers having headache problem.
  3. Porous Fabric: Lycra swimming caps made of porous fabric. It is same material which is used for majority of swimsuits. Porous fabric makes it much more durable and stronger than other types of caps.


  1. Comfortable: These caps are much more comfortable due to nature of this material. If you don’t have problem with wet hair then you can use these comfortable caps while swimming. Especially swimmers with long hair can enjoy this cap.
  2. Can be use over other caps: If you want to protect your hair from water at the same time want to look beautiful in Lycra caps then you can use these caps over other types of caps.
  3. Match for swimsuit: As we already said, material used for Lycra caps is also used in most of the swimsuit. So wearing these caps can provide better match over other caps.
  4. Easy to use: You can very easily and quickly wear these caps even if you have long hair. This cap doesn’t pull hair at the time of wearing or removing it.
  5. Best hot water swimming caps: Lycra caps help to evacuate heat from your head. This is very useful for warm water swimming. If you are warm water swimmer then this is best for you. These caps keep you cool while swimming.
  6. Edges don’t stick together: If you ever use latex or silicone caps then you may aware of this problem. Edges of these caps stick to each other when you dry them after swimming. Sometimes cap tear while separating these edges and you lose your cap. Edges of Lycra swimming caps don’t stick to each other.
  7. Less tear problem: Lycra caps are much stronger than latex or silicone caps. Tearing problem is very rare in this type swim caps. Less tearing automatically increase the lifetime of cap.
  8. Keep hair out of face: This is important purpose of this type of swim caps. Lycra caps generally used to keep hair out of your face. Swimmers with long hair can really enjoy the comfort of these caps.


  1. Slippery nature: These caps are little slippery. Sometimes they fall out or slip at the time of swimming. Although this may not be big issue for swimmers with small hair, adjusting long hair is really frustrating. Note: Some big brands able to achieve some sort of success with this problem so you can have Lycra cap which doesn’t slip frequently.
  2. Wet hair: These caps are not as waterproof as latex or silicone caps. If you are worried about chlorine and other chemicals in pool then you should not go with this cap. Note: Using latex cap under this cap can help to keep your hair dry.
  3. Expensive: These caps are expensive than latex caps but if you look at its lifetime and durability then there is no problem in spending little more money.
  4. Not good for cold water: These caps are famous for their ability to keep you cool in warm water swimming. Therefore you should not go with Lycra caps if you are cold water swimmer. For cold water swimming swim culture cap is best choice.
  5. More time to dry: Lycra swim cap generally takes more time to dry due to the nature of its material.

Final Thought:

This complete guide of Lycra swimming caps will help you to understand different pros and cons of these caps. Before buying this cap you should consider some key points like how frequently you will use this cap, what is your requirement, whether it is cold water swimming or hot water swimming, your budget and hair size? Proper understanding of these things will help you to get best Lycra cap for you. Have a great day!

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