Flutter Kicks

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There are many different styles in swimming and based on the level of expertise one can choose the swimming style that they like. Flutter kicking is one such style of swimming that requires some special movements of the arms and legs. This is mostly done by professional swimmers in swimming competitions. Flutter kicks usually look quite simple and one dimensional but require a lot of practice and control of one’s movements. One needs to flutter both legs with the toes pointed to get a propulsive force to increase the speed of the swimming.

This can take some time and effort to master. It is such a versatile move that almost all the top level professional swimmers use it to get the most of their routine. If they are competing in a swimming event then this is one of the most efficient moves to get ahead in the race. In fact, in a lot of international events like the Olympics, etc., in one can see that all the swimmers use the flutter kick technique the beginning of the race to give them that boost they need to race ahead of the others. Flutter kicks help a lot in improving the entire swimming posture and the ability of an individual.

How to Do Flutter Kicks

flutter kickFlutter kick is an important skill to learn in swimming. Even if one is not interested in professional swimming, learning to properly use the flutter kick can drastically improve a person’s performance in the swimming pool. While it looks very simple, flutter kicking is not the easiest to master. It takes a lot of time and practice to get it right. The main reason for that is that it requires a certain level of strength in the body to maintain the posture of the legs and the arms. And especially the core muscles that are used the most in this style of swimming. The following are some steps to learn how to flutter kick.

  1. Before actually attempting to do it, one can spend some time practicing this posture in a stationary position. This can be easily done by holding on to the railing of the pool and flapping the legs up and down while being horizontally submerged in water. It may seem a little difficult in the beginnin, but one can master it through enough practice.
  2. After spending a significant amount of time practicing the kicking style while holding the railing, it is time to do it in the water. Most professional swimmers like to dive in with a lot of force and then do the flutter kicking, but if you are a beginner, then it is better just to get into the water and do it a bit slowly in the beginning.
  3. Being in a horizontal position is important in the act of learning to flutter kick in the pool. It can get a little scary because even though you are floating in the water, it can feel like you have lost control. But the best thing to do in such a situation is just to stop kicking when you are out of breath and take a break.
  4. There are helpful accessories available in the market like the kickboard which can provide the required support to master flutter kicking. All one has to do is hold on to the kickboard and practice the action on the legs. Now you can move around the pool holding the board so this becomes a step up from the railing practice and it increases confidence.
  5. Another way to practice flutter kicking is to push against the wall of the pool for that extra force. Diving may not be such a good idea for beginners so you can just use the wall of the pool to get that extra boost. And once you are moving with that force, making the flutter kicking action with the legs becomes very easy.

Pros and Cons of Flutter Kicking

Flutter kicking is one of the most important styles of swimming. It gives the user a much-needed boost in strength and exertion if swimming is a person’s primary form of exercise. Once mastered, it can be a lot of fun to flutter kick. So the following are the various pros and cons of flutter kicking in swimming.


  1. It gives a swimmer a lot of speed. So with this simple maneuver, one can race ahead because the fluttering action provides a lot of boost to the body and helps in gaining momentum. This is the reason why a lot of professional swimmers take to flutter kicking in their first lap.
  2. It strengthens the core muscles and the leg muscles. It is a very powerful way to work out the core strength of an individual. After a consistent practice of flutter kicking, one can clearly see an increase in the strength of their body. In fact, this style of swimming is used in the military to enhance endurance and strength.
  3. It makes the legs very strong which can be very beneficial even outside the pool. Especially for runners who rely on their legs to perform, swimming with this style can be a nice complementary exercise for them.


  1. The flutter kick takes a long time to master. Because it requires the involvement of almost the entire body, it takes a significant amount of time to get used to.
  2. It is a difficult style of swimming without a doubt. Flutter kicking is mostly used by professionals and those who are hard core swimming or fitness enthusiasts. This is not easy.


Flutter kicking in swimming is one of the most fun and effective styles to master. If one can invest some time in the swimming pool and practice the flutter kicking, it can give the individual some major rewards in the future in the form of a strong and healthy body and legs. It is important to note that this should be done with some form supervision in the beginning, but as the individual practices, they can do it on their own gradually.

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