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Butterfly Stroke

There are many different styles of swimming that are used by both the professional and amateur swimmers across the globe. Almost all of them require a lot of practice to master but one of the most difficult styles of swimming to learn and master is probably the butterfly stroke. It is safe to say that… Read More »

Freestyle Stroke in Swimming

The term freestyle swimming is a little confusing, to begin with. Technically speaking, it used to refer to a free motion of arms and legs as per the choice of the swimmer. In swimming events, freestyle swimming was when the swimmers raced with each other using the swimming style they were most comfortable with. But… Read More »

Backstroke Swimming Technique

One of the biggest advantages of swimming as a physical activity is that it has many different styles. So even if one style does not suit an individual, they can always go for the next one. Backstroke is one such creative style of swimming. As the name suggests, this style of swimming is done by… Read More »

Breaststroke Swimming

This style is largely used for recreational activities as the head is above the water and the swimmer can breathe easily. In this style the torso does not rotate and the swimmer is on his or her chest. The breast stroke is a comparatively slower swim stroke and one can just swim this style for… Read More »