4 Best Swimming Goggles Reviews (Nov-Dec. 2017)

Protective eyewear used during swimming are called swimming goggles. They work as protective glasses preventing dust, chemicals like chlorine and other such particles from entering the eyes. These are extensively used for skiing, mountaineering and such other sports too. Swim goggle is made of poly-carbonate lens, a plastic frame and a silicon or neoprene seal which prevents water leakage. The rubber straps can be adjusted to suit ones head size. A thin rubber strap connects both the eye caps and acts as the nose bridge. While open water swimming demands goggles which can protect you from harmful UV Rays but indoor swimming pools demands a bit tinted lenses for clear view in low light.

While selecting a pair, one has to make sure of that the nose bridge fits well on the nose without leaving marks. Swimming goggles come in a variety of shapes and colors. They have become a necessary addition to your swimming gear. Today, many brands of swim goggles available in the market but not all of them are good. Therefore we are listing these top 4 swimming goggles in the market with detailed review of each of them.

4 Best Swimming Goggles

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Swim Goggle Reviews

Premium Anti-Fog Watrproof Swim Goggle Review

best swimming goggleWe are rating this swimming goggle as the best goggle in the market today. This goggle is perfect combination of look and features. It comes with anti-fog and watrproof lenses. Though it is little expensive as compare to other goggles, still it is one of the best selling swimming goggle in recent time. Its all in features and standout look makes it one of the most popular swim goggle in the world today. Average ratings and feedbacks from previous buyers are very good.

Goggle is available in multiple colors. These lenses come with anti fog and anti scratch material. Its 180% visibility is great for indoor swimming as well as for low light. Comfort level is one more high quality feature of this goggle. It is extremely easy to wear and adjust its one touch buckle. There are more quality swimming goggles in the market but when it’s come to complete package I don’t think anyone can compete with it.

If your budget is good then I will recommend this premium swim goggle in first place.

Waterproof Swim Goggle Review

best waterproof swimming goggleThis waterproof swim goggle is available in many colors. It is top one of the best selling goggle online. Its panoramic lens comes with anti-fog treatment and ultra violet protection. It is customizable because of this swim goggle’s nose cover options.
More peripheral vision for swimmers is great feature. High average rating from many people is proof of its high quality. You don’t have to adjust them frequently during your long swimming sessions. This goggle is good option for indoor as well as open water swimming.

Anti-Fog Swim Goggle Review

best anti fog swim goggleThis anti fog goggle is average budget and high quality product for your need. Don’t worry if you are not rich enough to invest more in your swimming eyewear. You can still have them in half price with nice quality.
It is available in different colors and manufacturers defect warranty. Its silicone poly carbonate lens are extremely light weight and comfortable to use. These are coated with the anti-fog material which is good for long distance swimming sessions.
If you are looking for good quality and low budget swim goggle then we will recommend this goggle.

Adjustable Unisex Goggle Review

adjustable swim goggleStylish and elegant looking unisex goggles are very good looking and have been rated good by customers. Like all other swimming goggles, even they come with the basic facilities i.e. they are anti-fog and anti-glare, they have UV protection surface and they come with a new and innovative adjustable strap.
Unisex design makes it perfect for both, men ad women. Its completely sealed protective circle helps swimmers reduce pressure around the eyes. The strap, which is of silicone make, is adjustable and fits almost people from every age group.

  1. Unisex design makes it fit for both.
  2. It has adjustable silicone strap.
  3. Adopts high grade waterproof vacuum single layer coated PC lens.
  4. It is anti-glare, anti-UV and waterproof.

Why Best Swimming Goggle Is Needed?

No doubt that eyes are the most precious as well as most tender of all body parts and organ of senses. They let you see the world exactly the way it is so the protection of these precious organs is necessary even when you are inside fresh water for swimming. They are needed to protect your eyes from different harmful chemicals like chlorine present in the swimming pool, which can cause irritation and burning sensation in eyes. They also protect you against some fine pollination and materials present under water. They help you in seeing things better inside water and you can swim properly without having to worry about the sight or about water being a barrier in your performance as a swimmer.

PROs of Using Swim Goggle

  1. Swimming goggles not only provide a clearer view inside water but also protect the eyes from chlorine and other such harsh chemicals. Continuous exposure to chlorine results in soreness of the eyes which is very dangerous for the retina.
  2. The best swimming goggles also protect your eyes from harmful fine pollen present in swimming pool.
  3. They become shield of your eyes against some injuries which may happen even form elbow or foot while movement.
  4. These swim goggles are anti-fog and anti-glare. They come with a layer of anti-fog inside the eye-caps which prevents the mist formation. The mist formation results in blurry vision which adversely affects the performance of the swimmer.
  5. They are a guard against communicable infections like conjunctivitis.
  6. Mirrored goggles or metabolized goggles are preferably used for outdoor swimming as these block the glare of the sun making swimming very comfortable.

CONs of Swimming Goggles

  1. Choosing the right pair of goggles is a process of trial and error and the wrong ones can be very uncomfortable.
  2. Some goggles do not have an anti-fog coating inside and it’s very irritating to swim with a layer of fog in your glasses. It makes your vision blurred.
  3. Initially you might find wearing them a tad bit uncomfortable as the eye cups seals the eyes completely but you get the hang of it after repeated use.
  4. The good quality ones are a little expensive. There are many in the market at very cheap prices too, but those don’t last long.
  5. One has to keep the goggles in their protective cases at all times else the lens in the eye caps gets spoiled.
  6. The anti-fog layer inside the goggles has to be delicately handles else it comes off rendering the goggles useless.
  7. If the rubber silicon strap is not made of good quality, it breaks off or tears easily.

Types of swim goggles

  1. Competition or Swedish Goggle: These types of swim goggles are used by professional swimmers and Olympic athletes. These are specially design to improve swimming performance and comfort level of swimmers. These are also known as Swedish goggles. If you are planning to use them daily then you should look for other types of goggles. They are great for racing but not for frequent uses.
  2. Gasket or Classic Goggles: Gasket (also known as classic) goggles are most popular and highly used swimming goggles. People swimming daily or frequently for exercise and hobby are using this type of goggles. These goggles are extremely easy to use and have great comfort quality. If you are not professional swimmer then you should try these classic goggles.
  3. Recreational Goggles: These are low budget swimming goggles which are not suitable for daily use. If you are occasional swimmer and you are not going for any swimming competition then you can use these less expensive goggles. If you want to spend low cash and not going for long swimming sessions then this one is good for you.
  4. Prescription Goggles: Swimmers having specs or contact lenses can’t use normal swim goggles comfortably. Therefore prescription swim goggles are used by them. Prescription goggles help them to see underwater without using contact lenses and specs. Only one precaution should be taken while buying prescription swimming goggle is selecting lens size. You must select right lens size to take full advantage of this goggle.

Best Swim goggle lens:

Swimming lenses are an important gear and should definitely be used while swimming. Their features enable them to take complete care of the eyes of a swimmer. Without them you can end up rendering serious damages and problems to your eyes. Hence one must consult a trained guide to help you choose a better and protective eye gear. Therefore it is necessary to understand the use and working of lens.

  1. Polycarbonate lens: These types of lenses are very strong and anti-cracking. These lenses are also popular for their ability to resist fog and provide protection against UV.
  2. Optical grade lens: This is extremely lightweight material which reduces the overall weight of swim goggle. This is high quality plastic which resist scratches.
  3. Anti-fog: As name indicates these lenses have coating of anti-fog material from inside. The effect of this coating may reduced after some time but you can reply it by using anti fog drop.
  4. Clear lens: These types of lenses used to provide extra vision in low light and indoor swimming. This type of lens is extremely popular because of its accurate vision.

Final Thought

Whatever said and done, if you love swimming, then you must choose an appropriate pair for yourself. Trendy, colorful, mirrored and branded ones not only make a style statement but also protect your eyes and make your swimming exciting and fun. With the innumerable number of swimming goggles in the market, you can choose your most preferred one which suits your style, use and budget. Your swim wear is incomplete without a decent pair of swimming goggles. As these come with protective cases, carrying them around without fear of damaging them is easy. So get this necessary addition to your swimming bag today! Thank you!

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