10 Benefits of Swimming

By | Last updated Dec 28, 2016

breaststroke-styleExercising at least 20 – 30 minutes a day has huge benefits in the long run. There are many different forms of exercises that one can do but the ones that promote cardiovascular activity are among the highly recommended forms of exercise. Walking, running and swimming are some of the most popular cardio workouts around the world. Of these, swimming is known to be an extremely popular as well as beneficial form of cardio exercise that has a slew of advantages over the others. The following are the ten most important benefits of swimming:


Promotes Cardiovascular Health

One of the most popular and well-known benefits of swimming is its contribution towards the strengthening of the heart. Heart health is the most important aspect of a person’s well-being. While there are many efficient cardio exercises out there, swimming stands out because it does not take much effort. It is easy to do and sustain over a long period. This is probably the reason why swimming is recommended to most heart patients. It strengthens the heart muscles and keeps the arteries clean which is the major reason for heart disease in people.

Strengthens Muscles

The activity of swimming is a unique form of exercise because it involves almost every muscle in the body. When a person is swimming, they need to move every one of their muscles, and the entire body is in motion. This helps in the strengthening of the muscles all over the body. Usually, strength training focuses on each body part, and there is very few exercise that has a composite effect on the entire body. Swimming is one such exercise. It strengthens the muscles, and it can be considered as a major strength training routine of one’s exercise schedule.

Increases Flexibility

Along with strengthening of the muscles, swimming plays an important role in making the body move in different ways. There are so many types of strokes in swimming. If one practices all of them, then the flexibility of the person is sure to increase. There are hardly any exercises that strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility at the same time. Increased flexibility in the body has its benefits. It makes exercising and even our day to day activities quite easy to accomplish.

Make the Inflammation Go Away

Inflammation is a very common issue that we all face at one point or the other. Internal inflammation is hard to diagnose as well as tackle. But it gives rise to various problems that make life difficult in general. Swimming is an activity that reduces inflammation to a great extent. This, in turn, reduces build-up in the heart area and the arteries which reduce the scope of heart disease in a person. Apart from that, it also reduces the time it takes to heal from an injury or any other disease.

Keep Stress Away

Stress, anxiety, and depression are very common words these days. Almost all of us experience them in our lives on a daily basis. This is mostly because of our erratic schedules and chaotic lifestyles. Swimming is an exercise that makes these unwanted mental conditions go away, and it keeps them as well. There are many reasons for this. The most obvious one is that it is fun to splash around in the water for anyone no matter what your age is. Secondly, swimming for a long time gives you a natural endorphin release that gives you a boost and makes you feel good. So swimming is quite an adept activity at reducing anxiety and depression and the likes.

Great Tool for Managing Weight

Weight loss is difficult and hard to sustain. Choosing easy activities like swimming ensures that consistency is maintained in one’s exercise routine. Swimming can burn a lot of calories if the right kind of strokes is used. This results in significant weight loss with little effort. Many gymnasiums are now including a training pool in their vicinities to encourage people to take up swimming as their mode of exercise.

Great for Skin When Done in Salt Water

If you like swimming in the ocean, then your skin is in for a treat. While the water in the pools is full of chlorine and other chemicals that can harm the skin if proper care is not taken, ocean water is very beneficial to the skin. The salt keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Contribute to Good Sleep Patterns

Exercise plays an important part in managing sleep patterns. There are many forms of exercise that are designed specifically to relax the body. Swimming falls into that category. If anyone is experiencing trouble in falling asleep and staying asleep, an hour or two in the pool can result in improved sleep patterns. Swimming, along with being powerful, is also very relaxing and it helps the mind to shut down and fall asleep.

Can be Done By Everyone

Swimming is one of the few forms of exercises that can be done by everyone. Even those with serious medical conditions are recommended to spend time in the pool because it has no negative effects on any part of the body. Other cardio workouts like walking and running can wreak havoc on the knees, but swimming has no such issues. This makes it one of the most versatile exercises ever, and that is why everyone should take up swimming.

Increases a Person’s Longevity

The range of benefits that swimming offers are so good that together, it makes up for an efficient and extremely beneficial exercise routine that increases the lifespan of a person significantly. Indulging in a swimming based workout routine on a regular basis ensures that all the systems of the body are working well and that result in a long and healthy life which is not affected by any illness or weight issues.

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