Best Swim Caps: Ultimate Cap Comparison Guide!

Check this expert’s guide to find best swim caps for your budget and requirements. Swimming caps are offered in a variety of colors, types and sizes. You might be wondering how much you should spend on these caps, which will help you to keep your hair dry, which is the best for long hairs and many more. In current scenario if you are a swimmer, alongside your other equipment like swim suit/costume etc. a swim cap is essential equipment and you can find it in almost every swimmer’s bag. It is very useful in protecting your head and hair in various numbers of ways and can help you in getting a better swimming experience. Here is a complete guide to find best swimming caps for you. We are also listing some factors which will help you to buy best cap for you.

Why you should use?

  1. To keep your hair out of the face.
  2. To protect hair from pool water chemicals like chlorine.
  3. To help you to move faster in the water by reducing resistance.
  4. To keep your head warm in cold water.
  5. To protect your ear.

Since you are reading this, you are someone that plans ahead, and you don’t want just any swim cap, you want the best cap possible for your needs.

The interactive chart of caps below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best swimming or bathing cap is for you.

Types of swimming caps:

Swimming caps are basically made from hard rubber and elastic materials. Some of them are namely Silicone, Lycra and latex. You can choose any one of these based on your needs and requirements.

speedo latex swim capLatex Caps1. Most Popular
2. Low cost but
serves purpose
3.Large Variety
Check It Out
2-in-1 Reversible Wrinkle-Free Premium Silicone Swim CapSilicone Caps1. Great shiny colors
and designs
2. More durable than
3.Best for daily users
Check It Out
Water Gear Lycra Bathing CapLycra Caps1. very lightweight
2. perfect for long
3. Also use under
latex swim cap
4.Nice Looks
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orca neoprene swim capNeoprene
1. Best type
2. Designed to keep
head warm
3. Long lasting
4. VERY comfortable
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Latex swim caps

The material used in making these caps is latex which is obtained from rubber tree and these ‘latex caps’ were the standard swimming equipment till the silicone caps took over the mantle. These swimmer caps are highly elastic and it is due to this stretchable quality that they fit tightly and properly.

This is the proven fact that latex is one of the best impermeable materials in the world and this quality prevents the water from going inside. It holds your hairs to the scalp very tightly. The best elastic quality of latex swimmer caps makes them to fit all the sizes. They are easily available in the market and are best suited for recreational swimmers or amateur swimmers.

When you should buy this?

  1. If you are not regular swimmer.
  2. If you don’t want to use for a long time.
  3. If you are looking for the less costly cap.
  4. If you don’t want fancy colors because it is available in one color per cap.
  5. If you just need a swim cap that gets the job done then go for it!

Silicone swim cap

These swimming caps are most advanced and best of the lot. They are lot more durable when compared to caps made from other materials. They are thicker and usually better suited for swimmers with long hairs and with advanced technology. There is an adding of thick layer because of which there are no wrinkles on it, which in fact reduces the drag resistance resulting in increase of speed while swimming. These Silicone swimming caps fit properly and it holds the hairs to the scalp properly, better than other swimming caps.

The only disadvantage of silicone caps is that they are a wee bit expensive than other swimming caps but then they are best suited for professional swimmers who have to swim daily for long hours. The other advantage is they come in variety of colors and design; this helps you in identifying fellow swimmers and prevents you from bumping into them.

When you should buy this?

  1. You like to have a cap with different cool shapes.
  2. If you want a shiny cap then this is the best.
  3. You are daily user or want cap for a long time.
  4. You have allergic reactions for latex caps.
  5. If look matters to you because these are one of the most good looking caps.
  6. If you want to buy it for kids then this is the best option.

Lycra caps

These synthetic caps are made up of Lycra and as the name suggests, it is a scientifically developed material named Lycra or Spandex. These Lycra or Spandex Swim caps were once most used caps until the latex swimming hats arrived in the market. These Swim hats have highly elastic characteristic. As it is highly elastic it covers your head and hair perfectly and comfortably.

As it is made from synthetic material it also protects you from very dangerous UV (ultra violet) Rays. They are also lightweight and easy to carry around. These caps are easy to use and affordable at the same time as they are cheaper than other variants of swimming caps.

When you should buy Lycra swim cap?

  1. You want soft and comfortable feel.
  2. If you have long hair then this is one of the best options for you.
  3. You want to swim in hot water because it evacuates the heat better.
  4. You want to look good at pool.
  5. You don’t have the chlorine issue then go for it.
  6. You want a cap that doesn’t pull your hairs.

Neoprene bathing caps

When you should buy this?

  1. You are swimming in cold water then neoprene swim cap is the best option.
  2. When you want to keep your head warm there is no competition for these caps.
  3. If you can spend some more money, buy this because this is the best and value for money.
  4. If you want best comfort and experience go for it!
  5. If you want something better for a long time, it should be your choice.

Reviews of best swim caps:

Speedo Silicone Cap
speedo silicone swimming cap

It is one of the best-selling caps in the market.
Based on the overall rating, quality of material, size, and reputation of the maker, the Speedo silicone is one of the best caps that anyone could own. It is designed to securely hug the head to reduce drag. It can be stretched to more than double its original size.

Blueseventy Skull Cap

Blueseventy Skull Cap

This cap comes with one year warranty. Yes you read it right. You can imagine its quality and reputation. It has a 3mm Yamamoto Neoprene. It provides warmth and reduces drag. This cap is one of the highly rated swim cap. This cap kept your head and ears comfortable and warm. The best thing about this cap is delivered fast, and keeps the dome from freezing. Blue Seventy makes a good product and this works well.

TYR Lycra Cap

It is specially designed with the recreational swimmer in mind. It is extremely comfortable without pulling or snagging. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t pull your hair! Cost is also not much for this cap.

Speedo Silicone Long Hair:
Speedo Silicone Long Hair bathing cap

If you have long hairs then don’t go anywhere this is the best product for you. It is specially designed to fit swimmers with long hair. It resists snagging and tearing. It is one of the best!

If you are looking for big size cap then you should also check this complete review of my swim cap.

How to Find a Cap That Meets Your Needs:

Above you will find an interactive comparison chart of different types of bathing caps in the market today.  Overall, look at the options and criteria to help you make the appropriate buying decision. But before you start salivating over your next; let’s take a look at some important things you need to check in your next cap.

  1. Type of material: If you are looking to buy a durable and long lasting cap then you should not go with latex material. Caps made of Neoprene are much more durable. So try to use silicone or neoprene caps for daily use.
  2. Frequency of use: It is also important to understand how frequently you will need it. If you need a cap for vacation only then you can use latex cap which is less expensive. If you are looking to use that cap everyday then it is better to go with Lycra, neoprene or silicone cap.
  3. Head size and length of hair: Some caps are specially designed for long hair or dreadlocks. Therefore if you have long hair then you must check whether this cap is large enough or not. Lots of buyers complaint about the small size of cap but we should not forget that caps are available in different sizes and shapes. So it is our responsibility to know which cap size is good for you.
  4. Cold water and warm water: If you are a cold water swimmer then you should buy neoprene swim cap. These caps are best for keeping you warm while swimming. If you are a warm water swimmer then Lycra cap is one of the best options. Lycra helps to maintain the temperature.
  5. Wet or dry hair: If you like to keep your hair dry while swimming then you should buy either latex or silicone caps. Now a day there are some waterproof swim caps in the market which are not 100% waterproof but they can help you to keep your hair dry. If you have small hair or you don’t have issues with wet hair then you can check beautiful Lycra caps for you which are long lasting.

So, understand your requirements and types of caps first. This will definitely help you to  find the perfect cap for you.

Guide to put a swimming cap on:

Putting a swimming cap is very simple once you know the right way. Sometimes long hair creates a problem. But following these simple tips can make it very easy to put on and off the swimming cap. Lots of time swimmers tear these caps while wearing them due to the lack of knowledge about correct process.

  1. The first thing you want to do is to tie your hair in a ponytail or bun. Try not to use any sharp metal clips or pins because clips can tear the latex or silicone cap.
  2. Now check the front and back of the cap. Generally logo side is the front of the cap. Backsides of cap supposed to have a little bit more room like cone or bow to hold your hair.
  3. What you need to do now is to put your hands inside of the cap and stretch it. The position of the hands is kind of like holding a top of the basketball or something.
  4. You want your fingertips to be rounded down or like that so your finger nails don’t tear that cap.
  5. Now put it on your hair bun first then bring the rest cap forward. Then just take a little time to adjust it as per your comfort and head size.
  6. Try not to wear earrings while using bathing caps because the back of the earring can also tear the cap.

Take the cap off:

  1. When you want to take the cap off then try and get your fingertips underneath the cap without using your nails. Bigger nails can tear it.
  2. Then just pull it back and take it off from the back.
  3. This is really simple if you take some precautions.

Facts on swim caps:

Molded silicone swimming caps are most popular in the Olympics.
Swim Caps made of neoprene are more durable than any other caps.
Some bathing caps also protect your hair from the brutal effects of chlorine and salt water.
Most of the caps are made from latex or silicone.
Latex caps are cheapest and relatively slim and skinny.
Silicone caps are thicker, longer-lasting, and more expensive.
Swim cap Keep the hair out of the face and to protect it from swimming pool chemicals, especially chlorine.

Other Swimming Products:

Swimming Goggles:

After swimming caps one of the most important swimming product is swimming goggles. You can read the complete guide about swim goggles in my another article where I reviewed top goggles in the market.

Shower caps

A shower cap is a kind of hat or cap that is usually worn while bathing in order to protect a person’s hair from getting wet. Shower caps come in various types, patterns and sizes varying from one manufacturer to other. With a new trend for designer and stylish day to day things, even shower caps come with new looks, colors and trendy designs. You can read detailed reviews of best shower caps here.

Your Turn

For a swimmer today, be it amateur or competitive all the gears are a must to wear in order to protect him/her from number of things and swimming caps are one of those essential protective gears.

As these swimming caps come in variety of types, you can choose any based on your requirements and needs. Likewise, Latex is the best swimming hat for amateurs who swim occasionally. While the silicone being more durable is advised for professional swimmers who swim daily for long hours. These swimming hats protect you but they can hurt you if you don’t know how to wear them properly, so before putting it on you must consult your swimming coach and learn how to wear it.

If you feel like we missed a superior cap that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Best Swim Caps: Ultimate Cap Comparison Guide!

  1. yvonne weiss

    I am returning to swimming. Ears are problematic. Bought silicone cap;speedo ear plugs. hair wet and ears not really well protected. Have heard about head band .would this be good next step? cap keeps slipping over ears.plugs pretty good but still ear issue.suggestions?

    1. rahul Post author

      Swim Elite and AZSPORT caps come with inbuilt ear pockets. They can be a great solution for your ear fitting problem. AZSPORT also gives you free nose clip and ear plug. So it can be a great deal. AZSPORT will be my first recommendation. You can buy AZSPORT cap here.


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